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 Healthcare Sales Workshops

 Outstanding in every respect.” – Regional Director

 “I would like my reps to participate in this workshop at least once a year to keep their skills sharp.” – Sales Manager

  “I learned more in a few hours than I could have in months on the job." -  Sales

We began presenting Sales Management and Sales Representative workshops in 1990.  Equally beneficial both to veterans and individuals new to their important responsibilities, our workshops afford the participants a unique opportunity to practice the skills they use back on their jobs.  

Participants engage in a variety of realistic and challenging scenarios.  Our Facilitators, professional actors/teachers, lead them through this process.  With our Facilitators as practice partners, each iattendee has an opportunity to enhance their skills in face-to-face interactions.  The situations are drawn from real life; the issues reflect the most current and challenging concerns in the industry today.   

The workshops are custom-made, not off-the-shelf generic programs.  Our Facilitators periodically ride-along with our clients' Reps to update their knowledge of the company culture and information about key products and disease states.  They also receive formal product training by client trainers. This product knowledge is essential, because, whether they are taking on the roles of simulated representatives in their interactions with their managers, or physicians dealing with Sales Representatives, they must be able to discuss core messages, appropriate studies, competing products, objections and current concerns.  

At Simulations, we are constantly striving to improve our work for our clients.  At the end of every workshop, we ask the participants, and their managers, to evaluate our performance.  The quotes you see through out this document were all taken from evaluations by participants over the years, and reflect the consistently positive and enthusiastic feedback we’re proud to receive.

Program Customization

Prior to any workshop, we individualize the program.  In consultation with the Regional Director for a management program or the DSM for a sales rep session, our staff reviews the strengths and areas for growth of each of the participants, so that every scenario selected will be the most appropriate for a given attendee.      

During the program, throughout the exploration of each scenario, we employ a stop-and-go format, so that we may assess the interaction, discuss possible actions and then re-enter the scene to implement them.  In fact, one of the most positive elements of our workshops is the lively, free-form group discussion stimulated by the scenarios.  The other participants are eager to share their experiences and suggest a wide variety of approaches to their colleague taking part in the scenario.  We channel and focus group input into specific actions they might take when they re-enter the scenario; we also make sure that group discussion doesn’t substitute for actual practice.

Typically, all interactions are recorded on videodisc.  Participants receive their discs at the end of the program.  We’re aware that, at the outset, there are occasionally some reservations about the video recording, but as the workshop proceeds (and they are assured that there are no “evaluation” or file copies) they see the value of reviewing their work.