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Patient Simulations 

We began producing Patient Simulations at the launch of Simulations, Inc. itself back in 1978; we've continued to present these novel programs to this day.  We’ve explored the diagnosis and treatment of various gastrointestinal disorders, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, adult, adolescent, and pediatric asthma and other respiratory diseases, hypertension, glaucoma, migraine, herpes simplex II and depression, among other topics.    

 A Patient Simulation is an effective and memorable way to reach medical audiences in an increasingly challenging environment, and it has also been used as a teaching tool for representatives at sales meetings.  In the live Patient Simulation program, an invited medical audience watches a dynamic interaction between an actual notable physician and a simulated patient; diagnostic, therapeutic and management challenges are explored. The audience is invited to "participate" in the patient's care through a lively discussion with the presenting physician throughout the program.    

Sales Representatives can differentiate themselves from their competition by offering these extremely effective and unique medical learning programs.  Physicians are invited to so many events; we always tell the team coordinating one of these programs that they can (and should) tell the doctors that no one else, at the scores of other programs offered that week, will be presenting a Patient Simulation! 

These programs fall well within the Pharma Guidelines and, most importantly, give Reps solid talking points for their next call.   

We have done Patient Simulations at conventions and symposia, at national, regional, and local events, and at Train-The-Trainer events.  One client has presented at least five series of these programs, “The Quality of Life Series”, in as many years.  They are always exceptionally well received.     

We offer our Patient Simulations in two forms.  Presentations incorporated into existing client-sponsored sessions, or as a “turnkey” session in which we are responsible for the entire program, with the exception of site selection and attendee invitation.  In a typical turnkey program Simulations will:   

  Consult with our client on the case to be presented and with the physician chosen by the company to present the program.  This doctor, or other healthcare professional, is usually a member of the company’s speakers’ bureau and can either be a nationally known thought leader or a physician who would be an attractive “draw” to a local medical community. 

  Contract and prepare the physician selected and pay the honorarium approved by our client.

  Contract with the program site, generally selected by the Rep assigned to the project, and pay for meals and other expenses associated with the program.