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RSI Responses



"Refining the Sales Interaction"

RSI is a live, interactive  program for all members of a business unit who must deal with customers.  Advanced communications skills, effectively used by actors in their work and directly applicable to sales activities, are explored and practiced. Participants grow more facile in their interactions, more cognizant in determining their objectives for a particular call, more aware of the many dynamics impacting upon the human interplay between sales professional and customer. These skills go hand-in-hand with the ideas of relationship building and consultative selling.

Actors and directors, experts in the conscious use of behavioral skills, provide sophisticated instruction in the development of interpersonal and improvisational strategies. These strategies are directly applicable to the sales situation and in particular to the goals of pharmaceutical specialists and other members of the selling team.

"Refining the Sales Interaction" is a live, interactive program. It accelerates the slope of the productivity curve and compresses the learning curve, thereby significantly reducing the time during which participants master their trade.

RSI is not just for novices. It is just as enthusiastically received by seasoned professionals as by those with far less time in grade. Veterans tell us that, if RSI had come along earlier in their careers, they would have achieved their status far more quickly and with far less pain. It helps participants to realize the full potential of their interactions - the essence of effective training.

We developed RSI in 1991 for a major pharmaceutical client. Their Sales Representatives and Sales Managers agreed unanimously that it was the most valuable sales training program they had ever experienced.

Comments from participants indicated that the program had changed their entire orientation to their work, and the improvement in sales technique in any given participant was evident to everyone who witnessed the program and their subsequent performance.

While there are probably some "born Salespeople", there are selling skills that can be learned - skills that go beyond the recitation of a script or the pat answers to common objections. In RSI we have developed a method for teaching those skills quickly and effectively - a method to develop that elusive something that produces the natural salesperson.

Employing proven professional theater techniques, we have produced innovative educational events for our pharmaceutical clients for twenty five years. In developing RSI, we have called upon our unique experience and have identified a group of techniques that are extremely useful and which can readily be learned. RSI facilitates "Relationship Selling" at its best.

After completing RSI, Sales Representatives are better able to:

be self-aware.

feel new or renewed confidence in themselves as a resource.

gain increased access to, and time in front of, the customer.

understand the difference between assertiveness and aggressiveness.

work as, and feel part of a team with their fellow Reps.

gain and remain in control of their sales calls, regardless of unusual
or unanticipated circumstances.

respond appropriately to any scenario, by calling on their spontaneity
  and creativity – reliably and reflexively.

"ask for the business"– clearly and directly.